Valerie Smith


A Calendar for 2021 made by Stockport resident Valerie. During lockdown Valerie was inspired by the art challenge set by the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, to recreate iconic artworks using things from around the home.

“(It was) created and curated during the early days of lockdown, and using the 10-second selfie setting on my iPad. The original was the Mona Lisa, appropriately re-named the Moaner Lisa, an installation designed to cheer up my patients and colleagues at the Eating Disorders Unit at the Priory Hospital in Cheadle Royal. This quickly became a challenge…and the rest is history… Thank goodness for a sense of humour, an extensive dress-up box and 40+ years in the fashion design business before joining my fellow heroes in Mental Health. Oh…and days off, during which, as they say, The lockdown devil finds work for idle hands!”

All of Valerie’s images ©Valerie Smith.