Russel Price

Poetry & Songs
LHL_2020_015: Russel's poem, which has been typed up on a dark purple background. Text says: Poem by Russel Price.  Planet earth's engulfed in a pandemic,
when will it ever go,
just like a cruel endless winter,
shrouded with ice and snow.
Things that were taken for granted,
on hold life's treats and delights,
as if being in hibernation,
during long and dismal chilly nights,
Though I pray very soon they'll be springtime,
and the green shoots of recovery appear through the frost, 
but we will always remember friends and loved ones, 
those people tragically lost.
So everyone look forward to the future,
with positive thoughts and never slack,
when the sun will rise once more over the horizon, 
bringing warmth and the good times back.

This poem was submitted by Russel Price. Russel is 60 years old and works at Stepping Hill Hospital. Russel began writing poetry in the 1990s, but started again in 2011 when creating poems for colleagues and as birthday gifts. Around this time, Russel compiled many works, a few of which were self-published in a small book and read at the Stockport Giant Frog Auction in 2019.

Russel said: “When the first lockdown started it gave me time to reflect and I spent many evenings in my back garden writing a variety of poems”.