Louise Gormley

LHL_2020_016: Time-capsule graphic of Lockdown 2020 for Louise and Oliver, from Cheadle. In the style of a chalk board, with a colour photograph of Louise and son Oliver; and writing which says: 'Mum and Oliver's time during LOCKDOWN 2020. What we have missed the most... Our day trips and weekends away. Mummy was working from home and homeschooling Oliver. 23rd MARCH Lockdown was announced. Coronavirus. Every Thursday at 8pm we clapped to say thank you! Covid-19. What we have been doing to keep busy... Playing in the garden. The first thing we will do when this is over... Oliver wants to go to the soft play centre!

This graphic was put together for Louise and Oliver by Stacey Holloway Photography in May 2020, to represent their time in lockdown. The background looks like a school chalkboard which has colourful chalk writing and illustrations – representing schooling at home!

Louise said that the time-capsule picture, made during the first lockdown, recorded some of their activities and thoughts. The first thing Oliver wants to do when lockdown is over is to go to the soft play centre.