Poetry & Songs
LHL_2020_003: Leon’s poem, which has been typed up on a green background. The text is as follows: Leon's Life in Lockdown. If you're homeschooled at break time you can watch TV, But I am still going to school unfortunately. You can't see your friends, you're all alone, Sat with your family, stuck at home. When I'm not at school, I miss my friends, They are really cool, and I hope to see them when the situation ends. I miss family that don't live with me, Which after the virus, we hope to see, I miss playing with my football friends, Doing lots of tricks and bends. Mummy and daddy's work is key, So we have to carry on as normal, don't we? The NHS are heroes like my mum and police like my dad, And all the other key workers I'm so glad. You can go in your garden and skip and hop, But only one person is allowed to shop. Boris Johnson makes the rules, our Prime Minister,  Listen to him to avoid anything sinister.  When the virus goes away, we'll remember to be clean,  And when life goes back to normal, we'll never again be mean.  By Leon, Aged 9.

 ‘Leon’s Life in Lockdown’

Leon wrote this poem during the first lockdown back in April 2020. His experience of lockdown was different to some of his friends, because both of his parents are key workers.