Katherine Nolan


High Lane resident and photographer Katherine Nolan started to capture her neighbours with a photography project during the first lockdown in 2020.  Like many people who have had to close their businesses during the pandemic, Katherine had to do the same with Shesnaps Photography. 

“During lockdown I created myself a photography project to record High Lane during this pandemic. Everyone got into it and I’ve now got a gallery of 600 images covering people in their driveways, windows, Covid-19 volunteers, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, VE day and Clap for Carers. It became a great way for people to connect as the photos were uploaded on the High Lane village Facebook page every day. Neighbours and friends could see each other! Now we have a historic record of our village during lockdown”.  A number of these photographs have been chosen to go into the Archives digitally.

All images by Katherine Nolan, ©Shesnaps Photography.