Joseph Clough

STOPM_2020_399a: White envelope with the printed text ‘UK Government’ and ‘This is a vital update from the UK Government about Coronavirus’. The envelope has been written on with black biro, ‘RETURN TO SENDER’.

An unopened envelope given to us by Joseph Clough. It contains the first hard copy of Government information about Covid-19 which was posted to UK residents April/May 2020.

Joseph wrote ‘RETURN TO SENDER’ on the envelope, intending to post it back for the following reasons: “As I write this [30.4.2020], the UK has just been named as the country with the 3rd highest number of deaths from this virus. A close member of my family has been in and out [of hospital] a couple of times with this virus. I have friends who are key workers and I am hearing from them that this government is failing to give them the PPE that they need and that the government’s testing programme is woefully inadequate. The government’s adherence to austerity, pickled in their rigid neoliberal dogma, has led us to this dangerous precipice. I do not want this propaganda cluttering up my house and brain”.