Gavin Ferguson

LHL_2020_022: detailed drawing of the East aspect of Bramall Hall and the gardens below.

During 2020 many workers were furloughed from their employment. Gavin was in this position and used the time to take up an old interest. The result is now framed and on the wall in Gavin’s home!

Gavin explained: “During the first lockdown, and due to working in the drinks business, I was put on furlough which gave me time to get back to my former hobby and decided to draw the Hall from a copy of one of my favourite photos I’d taken. I finished it around June 2020 and went on to do a few other drawings, mainly of dogs for family gifts. I do have photos of the other side of the Hall which I would like to draw as well at some point in the near future. The drawing is currently taking pride of place in our living room”.

Artwork ©Gavin Ferguson, 2020