Catherine Hayworth

LHL_2020_011a: Drawing by Catherine Hayworth, 2020. Drawing of the earth with a large mask at the centre, surrounded by various icons representing the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.

Helen submitted their friend’s artwork for Stockport2020.

Catherine Hayworth created this artwork early in the first lockdown.  The mask is at the centre of the world, and if you look closely, surrounding the mask are many elements representing life during the Coronavirus pandemic: Tears falling from an eye, the gravestone of someone sadly lost, a thank you letter for key workers, media reports, and one of the government slogans ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’.

Catherine explained that this is an artwork to “acknowledge all key workers who persevered and continue to fight an invisible war. For the people who put their own health and safety at risk and also to the detriment of their families to enable the world to continue during lockdown and protect those most vulnerable”.

Helen said: “I think it’s brilliant and I shared it with lots of my NHS colleagues who agreed it captured everything”.

Artwork © Catherine Hayworth, 2020.